Air Flex Optevent - Smart Liquid Coupled Energy Recovery

The next generation of run around coil recovery systems. Fully tested by BSRIA with intelligent controls to provide up to 82% heat recovery efficiency.

Guaranteed Air Quality

Air Flex Optevent is our revolutionary packaged liquid coupled energy recovery system, designed to ensure no cross contamination or transfer of moisture and odour between the respective supply and extract airflows.

Featuring a unique optimizing control system to ensure highly efficient energy consumption, reduced carbon emissions and the option to install plate heat exchangers to utilise low grade / low temperature water where the temperature demand exceeds the available energy recovery.

Features and Benefits

Designed with paramount consideration for ease of installation and serviceability.

Energy Control Module Including

• Control panel, sensors & actuators
• Variable speed pump
• Control & balancing valves
• Pressurisation unit
• Expansion vessel
• Safety valve
• Strainer
• Fill point & glycol dosing pot
• Pressure gauge & Binder test points

Packaged Controls

Optimizing integrated fully programmable control system to maximise the combined operational efficiency of the AHU and energy recovery system. Communication over BACnet or TREND with integrated graphics and option for remote monitoring.

Plant Layout

Where plant space is restricted and traditional double deck or side by side AHU’s cannot be accommodated Air Flex Optevent supply and extract AHU’s can be installed in separate locations with interconnecting pipework installed as required.


Our framework is flexible too, offering 50mm or 75mm welded framework in either Galvanised Steel or 304/316 Stainless Steel. Framework can be coated with 100, 120 or 140 micron paint finish for enhanced protection or aesthetics.

Low Energy

EC fans, low energy filters and the option to integrate indirect adiabatic cooling to maximise energy recovery during high ambient conditions.


0% cross contamination resulting in no transfer of condensation, odours or bacteria between respective airflows.

Frost Protection System

Allowing operation at low ambient temperatures without the risk of freezing and negating the requirement for supplementary heating to provide tempered air.

Thermal Transmittance

T3/TB3 as standard with T2/TB2 (tested by BSRIA) available by request.

Minimising Energy Consumption

The AIR FLEX OPTEVENT range was developed with a focus on minimising energy consumption, significantly reducing the ‘lifetime’ cost and environmental impact of the product.

BSRIA certified AIR FLEX OPTEVENT offers energy recovery up to 90% winter and 40% summer making it a primary choice for healthcare applications where hygiene, comfort and efficiency are vital.



Healthcare : HTM 03-01 Compliant        Clean Room and Pharmaceutical        Commercial and Retail Process and Automotive        Hotel and Leisure        Public Sector and Education

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