The next evolution in AHS solutions

Downflow and Upflow arrangement free cooling units for data centre applications.

Free Cooling AHU’s

Our Air Flex FC solution has been developed to cater for data centre customers requirement for free cooling systems.

The Air Flex FC solution is made up of several sizes and configurations to suite almost any site requirements. Available in up and downflow arrangement, and various colour options.

Features and Benefits

The Air Flex FC range was developed with a focus on minimising energy consumption, significantly reducing the ‘lifetime’ cost and environmental impact of the product.

1. Flexible

Customers can customise the product configuration to suit their site requirements.

2. Colourful

Customers can customise the product colour to suit the end user requirements or blend in with its environment.

3. Mixing Box

Mixing box designed to offer full recirculation when conditions are satisfied or add fresh air for free cooling requirements.

4. EC Fans

High efficiency fans to offer low running costs.

5. Filtration

Fitted with high efficiency, compact F7 filters.

6. Controls

Controls can be supplied with pre-programmed free cooling strategy.

7. Accessories

Cooling coils can be added if necessary for mechanical cooling if required.

8. Quiet

Quiet fans combined with 50mm panel construction to offer low noise breakout.


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