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From bespoke design to quality manufacture and installation, Air Handling Systems has delivered industry leading, cost effective and energy efficient air handling solutions for over 30 years.

Innovation Through Heritage

AHS are one of the UK leaders in innovative air handling units, setting the standard in performance and energy efficiency.

From providing critical AHU solutions for some of the world's leading hospitals to raising the bar in cost saving and industrial compliance. Trusted by our customers, AHS have delivered effective and economical products and solutions through expertise, partnership and innovation.

We offer one of the widest and most complete range of AHU solutions available in the UK. Our extensive product range and wealth of knowledge allows us to work with our customers in all sectors, providing the most reliable and efficient air handling solutions. With a hugely experienced design and development team we can meet a customers unique requirements no matter how complex the project.

All supported by our dedicated team of industry experts from planning to ongoing guidance and technical support.

We also have an R&D team who constantly invest time in finding new solutions to assist our customers.

Minimising Energy Consumption

AHS are committed to the design and manufacture of ultra energy efficient air handling units and solutions.

Our next generation compact liquid cooled heat recovery systems are easy to use, delivering cost effective and highly efficient energy consumption. With over 30 years experience our reliable AHU solutions not only set new standards in performance and energy efficiency but meet with all the required industry compliance regulations.

Sustainable Business Practices

At Air Handling Systems sustainability is an integral part of our vision and values.

We have been dedicated to protecting the environment since our company began, using innovation to develop a range of air handling products that empower our customers to consume less energy and conserve resources.

Our commitment to operating an ethical and sustainable business not only helps us save our customers money and reduce their energy consumption but also has a huge environmental benefit now and also far into the future.

Total Bespoke AHU Solution

Air Handling Systems has developed a range of flexible solutions designed to optimise cost and efficiency, tailored to your unique environment no matter how complex the project.

From large industrial work and storage spaces to hospitals and pharmaceutical facilities.

Our team of experts has developed a range of air handling solutions that can be adapted to your unique space, allowing you to optimise the cost of heating and cooling, ensuring a pleasant environment for engineers and colleagues. These solutions are perfect if your requirement is to maintain a stable and controlled clean air environment.

Shaping the
Industry with
innovative Products

Air Handling Systems have been at the cutting edge of AHU product design and manufacture for over 30 years.

Completing projects for some of World's biggest companies, internationally renowned hospitals and educational institutions.

With a range of reliable, energy efficiency and cost effective solutions, AHS are one of the UK's industry leaders in air handling systems. Developing products that set new standards AHU technology, saving our customers money and protecting the environment.

Strength in Partnership

Being a trusted partner ensures we deliver greater value to our customers.

We become part of the team in order to deliver ongoing expert guidance and technical support as standard.

From design to installation and maintenance, our team of dedicated professionals help partners to deliver a range of air handling solutions that can be adapted to a clients unique project requirements.

Our vast knowledge and complete service ensure compliance standards are met for total peace of mind.

The UK’s Leading supplier in energy efficient air handling products and solutions

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